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Kiki Eberhardt

Working with the luminaries (sun & moon) Monday April 29th 6:00 PM

Working with the luminaries (sun & moon) Monday April 29th 6:00 PM

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Working with the luminaries (sun & moon) to build discipline, organize, and plan 

Examining your own personal natal (birth) chart and luminary transits, you will develop an understanding and work in relationship to them. Based on our individual findings, we will begin to refine and structure personal systems suited to ourselves and our personal needs. This workshop is great for anyone who is looking to incorporate spirituality in their day-to-day routines, especially creatives and neurodivergent types. For those who struggle with procrastination, feel scattered, have a sense of overwhelm, or simply need help on where to get started, this workshop is for you. A basic understanding of astrology is highly suggested and your basic birth chart with your Sun and Moon sign will be needed for this workshop (with your time, place, and date of birth. You can go to to look up this information. 


What You'll Receive

  • 2 hour-long interactive session guided by Kiki
  • Practical and spiritual advice for learning to plan with your luminaries based on your natal chart (or supplementary if birth info is unavailable)
  • Everything you need to know about luminaries and their positions within a natal chart 
  • PDF Worksheets with resources, information to review, calendar, and journal 
  • Grounding session with light visualization and somatic work at the beginning of the session 
  • Time to share information with peers 
  • Supplemental prompts and recommendations
  • A chance to connect to an amazing new network of people


Bio - 

Kiki (fae/they/she) is a teacher, artist and activist. Their core goal is to help people understand themselves on an energetic level, sparking curiosity and imagination to harness personal creative power and a deepened sense of spirituality. The world moves in a wide range of rhythms, ebbs, and flows, which result in waves unique to you. Working with Kiki you can learn to form a whole creative and spiritual practice like soundwaves form a song. She wants to help you fine-tune and understand the innate structures of the cyclical nature in life. 

Kiki has taught and practiced all over the globe, working and living in China, India, Germany, Netherlands, Guatemala, NYC and Michigan. Throughout her life, she has been presented with many unique surreal experiences and challenges, which she implements into her teachings. Kiki is a lifelong devout learner of divinatory practices and aesthetic principles, as well as a CPTSD/ASD/ADHD neurodivergent queer raver, and is undoubtedly chaos organized. 

*Refund policy- no refunds on tickets unless due to cancellation of class. Tickets are transferable. Please just let us know if you transfer your ticket to someone else by emailing 



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