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Justin Stover

Rune Magick Made Easy with Justin Stover Saturday 4/20/2024 Noon-2:00 PM

Rune Magick Made Easy with Justin Stover Saturday 4/20/2024 Noon-2:00 PM

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Saturday, April 20th Noon-2pm 


“The history of the Runic Alphabet is as mysterious as the tunes themselves. On the most basic level, Runes are a set of ancient German letters that have been used for writing, record keeping, and inscribing on stones. They have also been used for divination, including fortune telling, casting lots, charms, and “Rune Magick.” 

This particular course will be twofold. First, we will discuss the major historical facts and timelines surrounding Runes themselves.

We will then focus specifically on their historical use as tools of divination. Time will also be spent highlighting some of the misinformation about Runes that has unfortunately been spread amongst New Age circles. Doing so will help us have a more honest understanding of Runes and Rune Magick, which will greatly help the more hands-on, interactive second half of the workshop. 

During this second half, we will directly engage in Runic Magick. We will learn how to use them as tools for self reflection, similar to tarot. We will also learn easy ways to incorporate them into spell casting, creating talisman, and for ritualized meditation as done in ceremonial


Finally, we will spend some time working in pairs and doing some simple “Runic Readings”’ on each other.

25 Piece Elder Futhark Rune Stone Sets are required, which can be purchased at Black Cat Bodega.

The workshop will be led by Justin Stover (he/him).He has used done Runic Magick since 2015.  Stover is a musician and soapmaker who grew up in Bangor, Maine. He has lived in Grand Rapids for the last two decades. He has also spent the last several years reading extensively on magick and its place in American history.


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