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Raven Soul Counseling

Tarot 101 with H.J. Raven Wednesday, July 10th @ 6-8PM 

Tarot 101 with H.J. Raven Wednesday, July 10th @ 6-8PM 

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Wednesday, July 10th @ 6-8PM Tarot 101 with H.J. Raven of Raven's Soul Counseling 

Class info 

  • Learn about the different parts of the Tarot Cards

  • History of the Tarot

  • Some basic symbols, numerology, and other things that help with interpreting the cards

  • Different tarot available and explore the cards at Black Cat Bodega  

  • How to connect with our tarot cards

  • Basic card layouts 

We will be learning in a way that enables each student to be able to read tarot intuitively vs just memorizing each card's meaning. I am a firm believer in learning how to read tarot intuitively rather than just memorizing someone else’s idea of what each card means.  After going through all the basics of tarot and building a foundation for reading the tarot we will have two activities. 

  1. Each student will pick a card to journal about and connect with, they will have 5 - 10 mins to study the card and journal their thoughts about the card, what does it mean to them, what symbols are they familiar with that pop out on the card, why did they choose that card to work with, we will then share what we came up with. 

  2. We will pair up and do a basic three card reading for each other, this will be great practice for reading for other’s. 

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