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Raven Soul Counseling

Divine Encounters 4/13/2024, Saturday 11:30 AM

Divine Encounters 4/13/2024, Saturday 11:30 AM

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Saturday, April 13th 11:30 AM  2 hour workshop

Divine Encounters: Exploring Deities, Nurturing Yin/Yang Energy, and Honoring Spiritual Connections

Participate in a journey of connecting with your divine self and exploring god and goddess deities. In this class, we'll delve into diverse cultures to understand various gods and goddesses. Learn the art of selecting a deity to collaborate with, connecting with and nurturing your yin/yang energy, and discovering meaningful ways to honor your chosen divine entities. Join us for an enlightening exploration of spiritual connections and self-discovery.

About your workshop instructor

Welcome to Raven’s Soul Counseling! I'm Heather, an energy medicine practitioner, tarot reader, and intuitive counselor with a deep passion for all things spiritual and mystical. I have studied life coaching and spiritual practices at SWIHA. I have studied energy medicine with several different practitioners, became a certified Reiki Master and so much more.

For most of my life, I've been a witch in the broom closet, but recently, I've started to venture out in search of a community of like-minded individuals. I'm devoted to creating, teaching, and constantly expanding my knowledge. You'll often find me immersed in a book. In my household, I share my space with my teenage son, three cats, and an abundance of craft supplies scattered everywhere. 



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