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Justin Stover

Ceremonial Folk Magick Made Easy Saturday, August 3, 2024 noon-2pm

Ceremonial Folk Magick Made Easy Saturday, August 3, 2024 noon-2pm

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 Saturday, August 3, 2024

Time: 12- 2

Cost: $35 

Description: in the past, Ceremonial Magick has too often been associated with overly complicated grandiose rituals, using resources that are only available to a select few. Fortunately, contemporary practitioners have worked to make it more accessible. In this workshop, we will explore several powerful yet simple rituals and meditations that can aid us in the big and small pieces of our everyday lives. We will also go over the best resources to use, all of which can be found at Black Cat Bodega and around your neighborhood! Stuff like candles, stones, and pendulums, but also readily available things like tree branches, mementos, iPhones, and graveyard dirt (you heard correctly). 

This class will be 100% hands on so come prepared for a fun time. And by the end, you will have a host of spells, rituals, and easy meditations under your belt that you can do on your own.

A workbook will be provided and Justin Stover will have plenty of resources to make available (he will provide the graveyard dirt.) Feel free to bring any stones, mementos, etc that are meaningful to you. A wand and pendulum are recommended.


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