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Branded Goat

Broom Making Workshop with the Branded Goat 03/10/2024

Broom Making Workshop with the Branded Goat 03/10/2024

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Sunday, March 10th at 11am.

I am so excited to be welcomed back to the Black Cat Bodega for another whisk broom workshop! I’m Suzie, an artisanal broomsquire (broom maker). I live in Grand Rapids, MI and make one-of-a-kind hand tied brooms, besoms, whisks, altar brooms and other magical creations. Please join me for a 2-hour whisk broom workshop at Black Cat Bodega, where you will be making your very own Hawk Tail Whisk Broom.

I will teach you step by step how to make a center aligned hawk tail whisk broom infused with your own handmade love and intention. All brooms will be made with natural broom corn (sorghum), you will have a choice of purple or black cord (I will have the cord pre wound on foot brakes so please choose a color in advance and let us know). Each broom will be approximately 15 inches tall. Feel free to bring items that you may want to add onto your whisk broom or use to decorate it, such as charms, feathers, beads, etc. But remember, if you attach things to the cord, or wrap things in as you make your broom it is permanent. If you add things after the broom is complete you can always change things up for different seasons. I am excited to teach you all and look forward to a fun-filled class! I hope to see you soon! 

*Please email with your name, choice of cord color and date of workshop (March 10th)



*Refund/Cancellation policy: this class is non-refundable, but is absolutely transferable to another individual in the event of needing to cancel for any reason. Please let us know of any transfers to another individual. We will do everything in our power to get you into another one of our Broom making classes. In the event of a weather related cancellation, tickets will be transferred to a subsequent class, but will not be refunded, as the supplies will have already been purchased.



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