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Raven Soul Counseling

Tarot A Journey Through the Major Arcana Wednesday, July 24th 6-8 pm

Tarot A Journey Through the Major Arcana Wednesday, July 24th 6-8 pm

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Tarot a Journey through the Major Arcana

Come join me in a Tarot workshop where we’ll delve into the mysteries of the Major Arcana. Our journey will commence with The Fool, exploring each card along the way until we reach The World, marking the culmination of our exploration. Throughout the workshop, we’ll discuss practical applications of the Major Arcana in our daily lives and during readings. 

Get ready for hands-on experience as we practice reading Tarot for each other and ourselves, creating a comfortable and supportive environment for honing our Tarot-reading Skills. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of the Major Arcana and enhance your connection with the Tarot.

Bio your workshop teacher

Hello there! I'm Heather, an energy medicine practitioner, tarot reader, and intuitive counselor with a deep passion for all things spiritual and mystical. I have studied life coaching and spiritual practices at SWIHA. I have studied energy medicine with several different practitioners, became a certified Reiki Master and so much more. I am currently in college online at Arizona State University for my BA in Psychology. For most of my life, I've been a witch in the broom closet, but recently, I've started to venture out in search of a community of like-minded individuals. I'm devoted to creating, teaching, and constantly expanding my knowledge. You'll often find me immersed in a book. In my household, I share my space with my teenage son, three cats, and an abundance of craft supplies scattered everywhere. 

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