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Justin Stover

Ceremonial Magick Made Easy with Justin Stover

Ceremonial Magick Made Easy with Justin Stover

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Saturday, February 10th 10:30 AM-12:30 PM

Magick affects our life everyday, whether we are conscious of it or not. But for those who are open and interested, being conscious can be life changing. 

Ceremonial Magick in particular is a way to become more conscious. It’s a mix of witchcraft and energy work, spiced with some good old-fashioned mysticism. In practice, it involves a blend of ritual, meditation, movement, and spellcrafting. It also is very adaptable and easily incorporated into your own personal practice. Best of all, the emphasis of Ceremonial Magic is always on concrete actions that are spiritually enriching, but also help you with your day to day life. 

The rhetoric of Ceremonial Magick tends to focus more on energy and manifesting, as opposed to deities and religious terms. This allows people of various faiths and non-faith to partake without judgment or discomfort. Better put, Ceremonial Magick is for everyone. 

The workshop will be led by Justin Stover (he/him). Stover is a musician and soapmaker who grew up in Bangor, Maine. He has lived in Grand Rapids for the last two decades. He started practicing Ceremonial Magick in 2016 and has made it an integral part of his life since. His specific interests are in the intersections of meditation and movement, spirituality without dogma, and the connections between ritual and spellcasting. He has also spent the last several years reading extensively on magick and its place in American history.

This workshop will include some introductory info on Ceremonial Magick. But most importantly, it will be a very hands-on, interactive approach that will help you incorporate Ceremonial Magick into your life. In particular, the workshop will help us learn such rituals as The Middle Pillar, The Fourfold Breath (Lunar and Solar), and the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. And don’t let the weird names fool you. These rituals and practices are easy to learn, fun, and positive. 

Stover will bring a few candles, incense, and tools to help with the ritual. Wands are recommended but not required. And feel free to bring a few of your favorite crystals and resources to help get you in the zone!  

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